drac1Some weeks ago, our class and the other classes of the third year of our school went to Pergolesi Theatre to see a play entitled Dracula, based on the novel written by Bram Stoker in 1897.

There were three actors on the stage and they all spoke English very well even if one of them was Italian. The name of the company was “The Playgroup” and we know that they come to Jesi every year with their shows in English . As usual, at the end , the actors introduced themselves and asked the audience to ask questions …in English, of course!

We thought the show was scary, because Dracula is a horror story, but there were also some funny parts and we enjoyed it a lot.

"The Playgroup"

“The Playgroup”

We think this play helps us to better understand Dracula’s story.

Shiotzuki Daniel, Manolache Julian ( class 3A)