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Mr Mc Quillan and the editorial staff

Mr Mc Quillan and the editorial staff

In March, during his exchange visit in our country, Mr Shane Mc Quillan, an English teacher, came to our Blog editorial staff meeting and we interviewed him.

Here is an abstract from our conversation:

1) What do you think about our school?  When I think of your school, I love the variety of people you can see there.

2) What is the most interesting thing you saw in our school?  I was struck by the fact that there are many differences, but you’re all united. And you’re eager to learn.

 3) In your opinion, what are the main differences between Italian and English schools?  In my school lessons start at 8:45 and finish at 3:00/3:30. In our classes there are 30 people and, sometimes, there are two teachers at the same time.

 4) What’s the name of your school? Where is it? What subject do you teach?The school’s name is Pennington C.E. Primary  School, it’s on the North-West of England, in Cumberland and I teach all subjects.

 5) Did you like the show that we saw this morning? (Mr Mc Quillan came with us to the Pergolesi Theatre to see “Dracula”. ndr)   Yes, it was really good and interesting…I enjoyed myself a lot!!!

 6) Have you ever been to Italy before? Only once, I went to Rome three years ago.

 7) What is your opinion about our hospitality? It’s very good. I found the best hospitality, the best food and very good people!

Group of English and Italian teachers involved in the Exchange.

Group of English and Italian teachers involved in the Exchange.

 8) Do you like Jesi?  It’s very nice and I liked the theatre so much.

It was a nice experience to meet Mr Mc Quillan and a great opportunity to make us learn new things.

Thanks so much Shane!

 Elisa Maria